Useful Information

For the training you need comfortable sportswear and footwear, a small towel and drinking water. You might bring along children since during these personal sessions we can look after them, too.


  • Epilepsy

  • Acute hernia
  • Discopathy
  • Spondylosis
  • Serious cardiovascular disease
  • Pacemaker
  • Acute thrombosys
  • Tumor
  • Pregnancy
  • Implants

If you suffer from one of these problems, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never take part in this training. You have to consult with your doctor before embarking on the training, and if he approves of the training, you can join us.

Please always make appointment in advance.

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours shall be covered by the patient, or will be subtracted from your pass!