Let’s forget one-hour training sessions, and spending preparing 30 minutes just getting dressed.

Use your time in a wiser way, thanks to the technology of vibro plate.

With the help of this training form, you can train your whole body in only half an hour.

Don’t say, it’s impossible to squeeze a 30 minute-session into your schedule, and note: the first session is free of charge!!!

Don’t hesitate to call me now, it’s worth a try!

If you feel like trying this training with a friend of yours, you can do so, because we have multiple plates and two people can tra

in at the same time.

Me and your body are waiting for your call!

Welcome to the website of the Vibro World Vibration Training and Movement Studio.

The studio was established in 2010 by me, a personal trainer of over 6 years’ experience helping people to reach their fit

A képek a Haszon Nőknek magazinban jelentek meg, készítette:

ness and weight loss targets. Me, your personal trainer will guide you in a thirty-minute session, personalized to your own goals and

fitness level.

About me

Due to my experiences and qualifications I am not a vibro training instructor only, but I assess my clients’ physical condition and help them to improve not only their shape, but their muscles, joints, and posture. Besides training I provide my clients with health and lifestyle counseling to make sure, that they achieve their targets and live a healthier life.